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Nexium® 24HR Heartburn Relief Challenge for Consumer Satisfaction

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The Nexium® 24HR Heartburn Challenge: a unique way to improve consumer satisfaction

Many frequent heartburn sufferers are used to taking fast-acting, short-duration treatments in response to symptoms… over and over again. Taking Nexium® 24HR is different. Consumers may need to be taught how to correctly take it in order to achieve its full effect and experience 24-hour protection.

That’s why we have developed the Nexium® 24HR Challenge. This one-of-a-kind initiative “challenges” frequent heartburn sufferers to try Nexium® 24HR and experience 24-hour protection for themselves.

With a few simple, memorable steps, the Nexium® 24HR Challenge educates consumers on correct use of Nexium® 24HR, helping them achieve effective relief of their frequent heartburn.

The Nexium® 24HR Challenge

Nexium 24HR pack shot

  • tablet
  • 24hr protection

  • Target zero heartburn

Nexium 24HR pack shot
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The Nexium® 24HR consumer campaign