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Nexium® 24HR Heartburn Relief Challenge

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Take the Nexium® 24HR Challenge

Many frequent heartburn sufferers rely on antacids or
alginates to manage their symptoms. Whilst these treatments
provide immediate relief, they may not deliver the sustained
relief that frequent sufferers want and multiple daily doses
are often required to keep symptoms at bay1.

Nexium® 24HR is different: it is used for lasting
symptomatic relief of heartburn by targeting acid
production at the source for continuous 24-hour protection1.

What is the Challenge?

Take one Nexium® 24HR tablet each day,
and you can get 24-hour continuous protection
from frequent heartburn1. Nexium® 24HR can
help treat the heartburn which prevented you
from getting a good nights sleep and eating
some of the food you love during the day,
so that you can feel like yourself again.

How does it work?

Nexium® 24HR is a proton pump inhibitor, or PPI.
PPIs work by decreasing the amount of acid
made by your stomach. By targetting the acid
production at the source, Nexium® 24HR can give
continuous, all day and night protection against

Ready to take control of your frequent heartburn?
Take the Nexium® 24HR Challenge:

Nexium 24HR

1 tablet a day

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Frequent heartburn relief1

What to expect from the Nexium® 24HR Challenge

Nexium® 24HR works continuously to regulate acid at the source for
24-hour protection. See what this might mean for you, day-by-day.

  • Nexium 24HR

    Day 1:

    Add Nexium® 24HR to your
    routine and take one tablet at
    about the same time each day.
    Keeping a regular time, e.g in the
    morning will help to remind you
    to take it. It begins working
    within hours and some people
    may feel the benefits that day
    or by the evening1.
    You may need to take
    Nexium® 24HR for a few days
    before experiencing the full effect.

  • Nexium 24HR

    DAY 2 TO 6:

    Each day you could be
    experiencing further
    improvements and feel
    a difference in your
    heartburn symptoms1.
    Improvements may include a
    reduction in heartburn related
    sleep disturbances1, 3.

  • Nexium 24HR

    DAY 7-14:

    Controlling your heartburn can
    improve sleep quality,
    productivity and daily

For 24-hour protection from heartburn1

Heartburn symptoms

With Nexium® 24HR you can target acid production right at the source.

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